Kulea Mama Postpartum Belly Belt


The postpartum Belly Belt provides gentle, firm belly support after your baby is born. This Belly Belt helps you return to your normal activities – and wardrobe – sooner!

Found to be especially helpful after a c-section. The postpartum Belly Belt is designed to be easy to put on without assistance. You grip the support at each end of the Belly Belt and place the loop pad over your abdomen. Stretch, and touch the hook to the loop, and your Belly Belt support is secure! You can vary the tension of the Belly Belt by adjusting the amount of stretch. The Belly Belt is invisible under clothing for a discreet look.

To find your proper fit and maximum effectiveness, measure around the largest part of your waist or hip to determine the correct size of your Belly Belt. Please see the size chart in the description below.

This product is not suitable for use during pregnancy.

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Sizing Chart

Colour: Black

Size Belt Width Belt Length
S 22 cm 95 cm
M 22 cm 100 cm
L 22 cm 110 cm

Colour: Beige

Size Belt Width Belt Length
S 23 cm 90 cm
M 23 cm 100 cm
L 23 cm 110 cm

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Black, Beige


Small, Medium, Large